Diamonds in the Sky |

Recently I've been really looking into maximizing the value from my spending. I used to just have the AmEx Blue Cash Preferred card, which gives you cash back, but airline miles turned out to be much more valuable (to me at least), so I signed up for some more cards this year. FlyerTalk is a pretty good resource to check, but the format of the site (maybe intentionally) makes it difficult to quickly get up to speed on how to do things. I didn't end up taking much of the advice on that forum, but I still think it's a good source of information. One of the less cryptic and very often used sets of the abbreviations are from IATA airline codes. ...more

Senior Summer |

For the past seven years, I don't think I've had a real summer vacation. In high school I was always attending summer programs: I went to Columbia following sophomore year and then Harvard after junior year, so that I might better my chances, ever so marginally, to get into either one of those schools. While admittedly I didn't spend that much time attending classes, it was still something weighing on my mind. In the sad summer of senior year, I was sent to work in one of my family's businesses, in a restaurant, working absurd hours at a rate barely better than minimum wage. Every summer in college, I interned at various tech companies, again to better myself for finding a job, the next step of life. This summer, all of that is finally over. ...more

The Neighborhood |

So I've been in Tokyo for a few days now, and I've been pretty tired from a combination of meeting up with friends, (some) drinking, cafe hopping, and jet lag. ...more

Noma |

These past few days, I made a short trip out to Copenhagen to celebrate my friend's graduation with a lunch at, The World's (Former) Best Restaurant, according to San Pellegrino. Why the world gives a drink company the authority to dictate this, I don't know. Then again, there's a tire company that does much the same. Anyway, the restaurant is now No. 3. ...more

Bangkok |

I landed in Bangkok a few days ago, and today I'm leaving. I'll be back, but I wanted to be in Phuket the same time as my friend and his family, so I cut short the first part of my Bangkok trip. I actually haven't spent much time seeing sites, choosing instead to hang out with friends. ...more

Phuket |

I spent the last week in Phuket with some of my friends from high school and their family. I don't really remember all of the places I went were called, but I do remember that the food was extremely good. Of the places I do remember, I recall the Sunday night market at Lardyai and the nighttime view of Phuket from Khao Rang. I ran in the park the next morning before getting dim sum and visiting this park on reclaimed land before my friend actually arrived (his aunt was showing me around these two days). ...more

Chiang Mai |

I didn't actually get to spend that much time traveling around Chiang Mai, despite being there for almost a week. I was a bit ill, and was in bed convalescing for the majority of the trip. Nonetheless, I did enjoy the general feel of the town (I only got to spend time inside the city walls, though). ...more

Cambodia |

I spent the weekdays of this week in Cambodia. I didn't bring my MacBook, because I thought I'd travel extra light this time around, so I hadn't been able to write. I spent the first two nights in Phnom Penh (I can finally remember how to spell that now) and the last few in Siem Reap. ...more

Hong Kong |

These past few days I've been in Hong Kong. I haven't been here in maybe 15 to 17 years, when my parents brought me here for vacation, possibly as a parting gift before shipping me off to a boarding school for the summer (I hated it). I don't remember much, and I'm not sure if taking young children on vacations is a good idea, but regardless of that idea, they took me. Regardless, the city's probably changed in the decade and a half since I was last here, so I've still something to explore. ...more

Europe |

The past few weeks I've spent in Europe, and due to a (probably) irrational sense of paranoia, I decided to not bring my computer with me. In hindsight, I didn't get mugged or anything, so I'm not sure if it made a difference, other than me being occasionally bored at night before I slept. Anyway, I digress. On this prematurely (for medical reasons) curtailed trip, I visited Paris, Barcelona, and Germany. ...more

Sleepless in Seoul |

I'm on vacation now, though since I haven't reached my final destination yet, it doesn't feel like it. My layover in Seoul was overnight so I decided to leave the airport and stay somewhere close to Seoul Station, where the airport rail lines reach the city. ...more

World Traveler Start Guide |

It's almost that time of year again, when college seniors graduate and take their few months of vacation before being saddled with real adult problems and responsibilities. Or you could just be someone that's decided to start seeing the world recently. Whatever the case, here are some tools that might help when visiting foreign countries (from an American viewpoint). Hopefully this can be a living document that I'll update from time to time. ...more