Lament |

I'm not a very devout Christian, but somehow yesterday I ended up 20 miles away, in a predominantly Chinese church, listening to a semi-popular Christian band. The set they preformed was very good (especially the vocals), and it really seemed that there was a lot of depth, a story, behind each song. I hadn't really listened to any music that an artist had especially noted to be "Christian", but from what I remember as I kid in Bible Study, most of the music, hymns or more contemporary music, was light-hearted and uplifting. This was definitely different. ...more

Wicked Games |

For this year's KSA Culture Show, we had dancers Anthony Lee and Mike Song. Love both the dance and the song (and Coeur de Pirate). ...more

Thaiboy Digital |

A few weeks ago, I saw a post from a friend about the reason why some rapper puts the years 2001, 2002, and 2003 in his song titles (because they were the "most emotional years"). It was ridiculous in the sense that it was somewhat amusing, so I looked up the guy, Yung Lean, and his crew. While I wasn't really feeling Lean much, I found an interest in another related artist, Thaiboy Digital aka Thaiboy Goon. Still a bit ridiculous, but the beats are solid. Here are some of my favorites: ...more

amazarashi |

There's something about living in a foreign place that makes me a bit lonely. Not necessarily in a negative way; I enjoy being alone sometimes (but also not necessarily in the angsty high-school sense either). Anyway, YouTube suggested me this band amazarashi recently, and I really enjoy their videos. Most of their videos heavily involve the text of the lyrics, which I really enjoy, because I find the visual rendering of text to be art in itself. ...more