Diamonds in the Sky |

Recently I've been really looking into maximizing the value from my spending. I used to just have the AmEx Blue Cash Preferred card, which gives you cash back, but airline miles turned out to be much more valuable (to me at least), so I signed up for some more cards this year. FlyerTalk is a pretty good resource to check, but the format of the site (maybe intentionally) makes it difficult to quickly get up to speed on how to do things. I didn't end up taking much of the advice on that forum, but I still think it's a good source of information. One of the less cryptic and very often used sets of the abbreviations are from IATA airline codes. ...more

Asiana First Class |

Being concerned over the dwindling of first class products in the airline industry, I thought I'd pull the trigger and enjoy the services while they lasted. In November, I took a trip on Asiana's A380 in first class from New York to Seoul, with a later onward trip to Tokyo. While I didn't really get much sleep, the service was still great and I'm sad to see this sort of thing go. I guess the really rich people are all flying private nowadays. ...more