Artwork in Progress |

I have ideas sometimes, but I don't really have the artistic talent to bring them into reality. I'll keep ideas I have here if I ever learn how to draw. In the case that any of these become actual drawings, I guess these descriptions can be sort of self-analyses of my art. ...more

Loneliness |

I recently read an article about van Gogh; about creativity's dependency on loneliness. While I can't compare myself to van Gogh (I write, but I wouldn't consider myself an artist), I do feel that loneliness, rejection, and sadness are the deepest emotions that I've ever felt. There's no other feeling that prompts such a depth of individual emotion. When I'm happy I don't think of much. Time just passes. It is when I am in the depth of my solitude, my introspection that I slowly and carefully dissect and examine those components of my psyche that constitute my individuality. ...more