Sleepless in Seoul

I'm on vacation now, though since I haven't reached my final destination yet, it doesn't feel like it. My layover in Seoul was overnight so I decided to leave the airport and stay somewhere close to Seoul Station, where the airport rail lines reach the city.

I didn't get to eat much Korean food last night, like I wanted to. Because of flight delays, and a detour my flight had to make because of the Alaskan volcano smoke, I arrived much later than initially anticipated. Most of the restaurants around the area were closed by the time I had the time to walk around, and though I could have had bar food or something, I didn't feel like eating in that sort of atmosphere. I took a quick shower and slept for two hours.

I woke up and was a bit hungry, but even fewer places are open, so I end up spending that time trying to sleep before giving up and leaving for a quick snack at a convenience store. After that, I pack my bags and head to Seoul Station to do those routine boarding checks and get the immigration stamp. It's quite convenient that you can do that right in the middle of the city. At the airport you can bypass most of that and just go through security (though it's not obvious, you use the diplomatic entrance to do this).

I got some oden at a store nearby and headed towards the train to the airport. The express train doesn't come that often, so I took the all-stop train again. It's quite a long ride, but my flight was delayed so it's not terribly concerning.
Sitting on the subway you see a lot of interesting things. A few drunk people. One guy (presumably drunk, making faces and taking selfies). Another guy whose height with raised arms is just slightly short of the bar in the middle of the car, doing some sort of hanging exercise. Because of the aforementioned height, it's not so obvious what he's doing, but I'm looking down at my phone and can see his feet.