Milan |

I spent this past weekend in Milan to meet a friend. I didn't really get to spend much time with said friend, but nonetheless I enjoyed the city's cobblestone roads (only because I didn't bring a suitcase), restaurants (despite not being the biggest fan of Italian food), and culture (though I really only went to maybe two museums). ...more

France |

It's been a week now in France, and I'm in Paris until tomorrow seeing a friend who just left their job to travel before entering law school. It's rained quite a lot, and the weather's much colder than it was in New York, a fact made particularly unfortunate by my choice to pack mostly shorts. I haven't explored the town I've been in for long, but it still seems to me that Paris is a much nicer place to live. There's more to do and more to see. Unfortunately, there aren't any particularly interesting projects going on there now, so I suppose I don't really have a choice. Maybe it's for the better, though, as in Paris I tend to shop more often. ...more

World Traveler Start Guide |

It's almost that time of year again, when college seniors graduate and take their few months of vacation before being saddled with real adult problems and responsibilities. Or you could just be someone that's decided to start seeing the world recently. Whatever the case, here are some tools that might help when visiting foreign countries (from an American viewpoint). Hopefully this can be a living document that I'll update from time to time. ...more

Sleepless in Seoul |

I'm on vacation now, though since I haven't reached my final destination yet, it doesn't feel like it. My layover in Seoul was overnight so I decided to leave the airport and stay somewhere close to Seoul Station, where the airport rail lines reach the city. ...more