Artwork in Progress |

I have ideas sometimes, but I don't really have the artistic talent to bring them into reality. I'll keep ideas I have here if I ever learn how to draw. In the case that any of these become actual drawings, I guess these descriptions can be sort of self-analyses of my art. ...more

Lament |

I'm not a very devout Christian, but somehow yesterday I ended up 20 miles away, in a predominantly Chinese church, listening to a semi-popular Christian band. The set they preformed was very good (especially the vocals), and it really seemed that there was a lot of depth, a story, behind each song. I hadn't really listened to any music that an artist had especially noted to be "Christian", but from what I remember as I kid in Bible Study, most of the music, hymns or more contemporary music, was light-hearted and uplifting. This was definitely different. ...more

Harvard |

For me, the topic of college admissions has been one drenched heavily with racial issues. Despite only applying to one school, and being admitted into that one school, I can't help but to feel like I've had something taken from me. I wanted to go Harvard like the 34,303 other kids my age, but honestly I was too scared. I was too scared that without Early Decision or some other acceptance boosting factor to negate my Asian-ness, that I wouldn't have a chance at getting in. Living in an upper middle-class suburb with several normally "disadvantaged" minority groups, this disparity could not have been more prominent. I had evidence. It was my faith in myself versus the precedence the seniors a year before me had set. ...more