Wicked Games |

For this year's KSA Culture Show, we had dancers Anthony Lee and Mike Song. Love both the dance and the song (and Coeur de Pirate). ...more

Discovering Music |

A few weeks ago I heard All In by Okasian featuring B-Free on iTunes Radio, while listening to a Dok2 station. The sound is very similar to what you might hear in the American hip hop scene, but trying to research the artist (in English) was difficult as Korean hip hop is still overshadowed by the enormous popularity of K-pop as part of the hallyu movement. The social relevance isn't there, so it's harder to find, which surprises me more about iTunes Radio's discovery features. ...more

Discipline |

When you think discipline, you usually think of something like going to the gym or doing more work, or something that you dislike doing, but is ultimately better for you in the long run. Discipline seems like the act of making your distant goals into your immediate actions. Sometimes these actions are well aligned with your immediate needs, and instant gratification satisfies you for both the short and long term. More often than not, though, it's a leap of faith. It's making yourself believe that the future is worth more than the present. It's a form of your patience; a measure of your discount factor. It's something we don't often try to change. ...more