Mebachi - Bigeye Tuna

Part of the tuna family, their big heads and big eyes are why they're called Mebachi (bowl eyes). Because of it's long length and wide width, it's also called Daruma. In the markets, many fish with length of up to 1 meter and weight of up to 40 kilograms are sold. There are two seasons for Mebachi. Fish swim away to spawn from June to July, but around May and October the flavor of the catch, capable of rivaling the Kuromaguro, can be truly admired. The best catch is from local seas around Japan, but because the numbers are low, the fish are primarily sold frozen from foreign waters. The meat has a beautifully vivid red color. Because it has the advantage of keeping color better than Kuromaguro, it's perfect for delivered sushi. Because the meat is relatively soft and there is little fat, it has a clean taste. It's an most recommended tuna for people who want to eat to slim down.