I'm not a very devout Christian, but somehow yesterday I ended up 20 miles away, in a predominantly Chinese church, listening to a semi-popular Christian band. The set they preformed was very good (especially the vocals), and it really seemed that there was a lot of depth, a story, behind each song. I hadn't really listened to any music that an artist had especially noted to be "Christian", but from what I remember as I kid in Bible Study, most of the music, hymns or more contemporary music, was light-hearted and uplifting. This was definitely different.

Some of the songs I'll admit I thought were borderline heretical, but in general, these verses served mostly to highlight that despite all of the tragedies that might happen to us, there is purpose and meaning behind all of it. One in particular, Lament, was written when the lead singer was diagnosed with a severe vocal cord condition after giving up several years of his life to work with music. Despite this, though, the last verse of the song redirects the song and affirms his faith in God. Sometimes seeing other people struggle and persevere through their troubles really inspires you to make the most out of your own life.

There are some things in my life that other people might consider unfortunate, but of the things I care for, the ones that I'm passionate and emotionally tied to, there hasn't been anything. I can't really empathize with his pain, but I can recognize the chances that I've been given in life and appreciate them a bit more. It makes me a bit scared that I could lose everything at any moment, and that talent (not saying that I really have any) is fragile. Maybe I won't change the way I live my life day to day, but maybe when I'm just sitting there sometimes, I'll think back to this and make a more proactive effort to live a meaningful life.