It's been a week now in France, and I'm in Paris until tomorrow seeing a friend who just left their job to travel before entering law school. It's rained quite a lot, and the weather's much colder than it was in New York, a fact made particularly unfortunate by my choice to pack mostly shorts. I haven't explored the town I've been in for long, but it still seems to me that Paris is a much nicer place to live. There's more to do and more to see. Unfortunately, there aren't any particularly interesting projects going on there now, so I suppose I don't really have a choice. Maybe it's for the better, though, as in Paris I tend to shop more often.

Today I replaced the card case that I'd lost in Tokyo. I went to the Goyard store and bought one in the same style, but I chose a different color from the one I had previously, so I wouldn't be reminded of the theft that occurred a few weeks ago. Incidentally, I purchased a matching passport holder. I'll keep boarding passes and the relevant cards and documentation in there. I tend to lose things like that.

Next, I went to Maison Kitsuné and bought some sweaters and outerwear to help me get through the cold months before the summer. I hadn't really been there before, so it took a while for me to find the right size and fit for the clothes that I bought. The staff were quite nice, though they constantly disappeared to some storage unit outside of the actual store. It felt strange at one point, because a couple walked in, and me being the only person in the store, probably assumed that I was part of the staff.

I was a bit tired afterwards, having gone to the Louvre earlier in the morning, and walking through what felt like the majority of the exhibits, so I returned to the hotel, and finished a drama that I have been watching recently called 家政婦のミタ. I'll probably write up something about it later, as I get into the habit of writing again.