Asiana First Class

Being concerned over the dwindling of first class products in the airline industry, I thought I'd pull the trigger and enjoy the services while they lasted. In November, I took a trip on Asiana's A380 in first class from New York to Seoul, with a later onward trip to Tokyo. While I didn't really get much sleep, the service was still great and I'm sad to see this sort of thing go. I guess the really rich people are all flying private nowadays.

My Korean has atrophied through disuse over the years, after I got over my short-lived K-Pop phase, but I managed to convince half the flight attendants to not talk to me in English. I'm still amazed by how much the words "yes", "thank you", and context can help you communicate.

The amenity kit was still offered on this flight in this direction, though I hear from FlyerTalk that they've removed them from business class. They also offered pajamas, and though I took a small size set, the pants ran a bit long.


Dinner was a multiple course meal with an optional caviar addition (though I have no idea why you wouldn't ask for it). I think it only came with the Korean offering, so maybe that's why. I always choose the local food anyway, so no loss there.

Some sort of pajeon like thing

Caviar service

Shrimp salad thing

A really deluxe bibimbap

And I didn't bother to upload this post-dinner snack / dessert I had.


The cabin was still pretty dim when we were served lunch, and I was kinda sleepy because I didn't sleep too well because the cabin was a bit too warm.

They warned me it would be spicy. I don't even eat spicy foods, but it wasn't.