Goodbye New York |

So far in my life, staying in the same place was never really much of an option, and whatever the environment was in my localized bubble of time there was always a next step looming on the horizon. High school had an end. College had an end. All without really any conscious action necessary. Just continuing my daily routine brought me closer to a prescribed finish. With adult life, that's not always the case. I'm sure there's a world where I could choose to live in New York and have the same job, keeping my life constant for a possibly uncomfortable amount of time. I could close the threads on my open subplots, find the end of all of these unmaintained friendships and unpursued romances. But I'm not, at least not for now. I'm moving to Tokyo in September. ...more


Lately I've gotten in to the Japanese hip-hop scene again, but the sounds I like are still a bit poppy. ...more

Asiana First Class |

Being concerned over the dwindling of first class products in the airline industry, I thought I'd pull the trigger and enjoy the services while they lasted. In November, I took a trip on Asiana's A380 in first class from New York to Seoul, with a later onward trip to Tokyo. While I didn't really get much sleep, the service was still great and I'm sad to see this sort of thing go. I guess the really rich people are all flying private nowadays. ...more

Icarus |

I'm not sure which is more sad: the fall of Icarus into the sea or the lives of the peasants watching him fall into the cold waters, knowing neither the elation of flight nor the desperation of drowning to one's death. Before his death, no doubt I think the choice of Icarus seems obvious, but then again no one anticipates his own downfall. An upper middle-class existence is as such. A taste of the delights of wealth leads to a hunger for an unsustainable level of luxury. A fear of falling doesn't seem so likely when you're flying in the opposite direction. ...more

Around the World in 30 Days |

Despite living and working in France (I'm almost a resident!), I haven't been back home for more than a day in the past month. I had to go to Palo Alto for a work, and scheduled a trip to Japan prior to that to take the JLPT. I ended up going to New York unexpectedly (I didn't even bring the keys to my apartment) to apply for my French visa (and getting to fly Business Class on ANA made this trip quite enjoyable). I'm finally back home, and the weather is so much nicer in the south of France than it is in either Tokyo or New York. ...more